In business, it’s tempting to want to appeal to everyone by offering any and everything. Because when you offer more options, you’ll appeal to more people... right? 


In fact, by specializing and limiting the scope of what you offer, you end up becoming an expert and a go-to on that subject. 

That’s the heart of my business

Marketing and business development is a broad topic, covering countless industries. Many of the general concepts work across fields.

Yoga, wellness, and holistic health is a unique niche. The way you sell appliances is not  the same way you draw people in to your yoga classes and keep them coming back for more.  

Also, the budgets that say a restaurant chain has will be very different than a start-up wellness business. 

By limiting the focus of what I offer to specialize in health and wellness, I can cater to your specific needs. Programs, services, products, and even pricing has been carefully crafted to suit your needs. 

That is what we will do with you and your business. Work through these next three steps at your own pace. You can use the printed workbook to brainstorm, craft, and revise your ideas. Then, when you are ready, complete the forms by clicking on the buttons and your info will be sent my way! I'll review the materials before our next call!