Website Audit + Coaching Call

Website Audit + Coaching Call


Book a website audit and a one-time coaching call with me to review, discuss, and improve your current brand and website. Audits take 5 business days.

Did you know that within just a couple seconds of landing on your website or seeing one of your Instagram posts, potential clients are subconsciously making a super quick decision about whether or not they’re interested in what you’re offering, without even being aware of it?

That’s why it’s crucial that you make a good first impression.

But if you’ve ever tried designing your own brand and writing your own website copy, you know that it’s much more difficult than it appears. The entire process (or lack thereof) can leave you confused and overwhelmed.

That’s where this website audit comes in!

For a fraction of the cost of a full brand and website design, I’ll provide you with practical ways you can improve your current website content to create a meaningful first impression with clients and customers.

We start with a little prep work. After booking your session, I’ll send you an email with some questions about your business goals, ideal customer, products and services, and analytics.

Next, I’m going to stalk you all over the internet. I’ll check your website and all your social media accounts and come up with a game plan before our call.

We’ll have a 60-minute Skype chat to discuss the game plan for improving your current brand and website. I’ll give you actionable steps for the changes that I recommend along with helpful tools and resources to accomplish them.

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