Tech Support

Tech Support

25.00 every month

One of the founding principles behind my business is to help yogis navigate the digital world. Technology is ever-changing and while I keep up with it (cause I geek out on this stuff!!), I know that most of you do not.

This new service will provide a little extra support for you without requiring a large monthly retainer. It’s perfect if you are familiar with how to update your website, social media scheduler, blog, and email marketing platform, but sometimes you get stuck and don’t know what to do.

With Tech Support, you can email me for tips and pointers. Things like, “Help! MailChimp just re-arranged their dashboard and now I don’t know how to change the automated message in my welcome email?” or “This image I added to my blog looks warped, how do I fix it?”.

You’ll get a response within 24 hours between 9am - 5pm Pacific Time, Monday - Friday.

With this subscription, you will also get 25% off any coaching calls. These are great if you’d like to set up a Skype training session to learn to make style changes to your website, set up a new email automation, update your blog, trouble-shoot MindBody Online issues, fix email accounts, etc..


  • $25 per month on auto-pay

  • Subscription starts on the day you enroll

  • Cancel anytime before your next autopay is charged (pro-rated refunds will not be made if you forget to cancel)

  • Get your own discount code for 25% off any coaching calls scheduled during your valid subscription period

  • Please note, this is only for tips and pointers on what to do, I will not do the work for you. This is a little boost of support to help you learn and grow!