3-Month Social Media Marketing Plan

3-Month Social Media Marketing Plan


You love snapping photos but you're not really sure how best to use them in your social media campaigns to brand your social presence and create graphics that stop people mid- scroll. 

With this service we’ll use your brand elements to build a 3-month marketing strategy and daily post guide so that you always know what you are posting, who you are speaking to, and what you are communicating.

  • I will conduct a social media audit to determine the style, tone, and messaging of your brand.

  • Have a  60-minute 1:1 launch call to discuss your social branding audit, graphics needs and target client demographics so that your social branding and marketing are aligned with your business goals. 

  • Develop your marketing campaign objectives for the a 3-month period

  • Develop daily social media content based on campaign objectives and marketing plan

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