Detox Done-for-You Program

Detox Done-for-You Program

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This customizable, done-for-you program will give prospective clients a taste of what it’s like to work with you.

Just imagine… having a business you love, helping clients improve their health and wellbeing …and making money doing it.

What if you could offer a low-cost, no-commitment program to prospective clients? AND what if you didn’t have to write and design your whole program from scratch (which could take months)

What if you could grow your email list, captivate new audiences, and offer a quality program right now?

In this done-for-your program, you can offer your clients a simple DIY detox all automated through email!

Download this program today to get instant access to:

  • Our Quick Start Guide that walks you step-by-step through the set up process

  • A customizable, written-for-you email sequence (welcome email, 7 days of daily content, and a follow up email)

  • 25 recipes, weekly meal planner, and sample shopping list


  • 50 royalty-free stock ‘healthy food’ images

  • Tips on how to promote your program

You can use the content exactly as is, (just add your name and logo) or you can use the content as a guide and add your own unique style and philosophy. Everything is set up in Word, you can edit as you like or just copy and paste it into your MailChimp/Constant Contact/Etc. template and you’re good to go!

I knew I wanted to offer my clients an online program, but I had no clue where to start. I used this DIY program as my template and launched my first program within 3 days! I love it!

- Jamie Lawson

Use this program to attract new clients, build your email list, and lead existing clients into a higher paid program to start the new year off right (and so you can create some income)! Once you purchase this program, all the content is 100% YOURS, just download the files, follow the instructions, and away you go! Use it any way you’d like!

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