Do you have a business plan? If your answer is no, you’re in luck!
The mission of Skondasana is to help yoga and wellness individuals transform their passion into a successful, profitable business. Want to know what differentiates someone’s passion from a business? Action and strategy. 

That’s why I created this Business Development Program + Workbook. In this guide, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for putting strategy into motion and creating a business plan. This is the workbook I use with all clients to guide them through the business development process. 


There are 6 sections in this program, and each includes tangible actions and steps. I find it best work with clients on one section per week, but feel free to set look ahead to get a sense of how this will flow.. 

One of the greatest benefits of the Business Development Program + Workbook is that it’s set up in a step-by-step format. You’ll get the most out of this material by working through each section in order and accomplishing the action steps before moving on. 

Download the Workbook.


Section 1 | Narrowing Your Focus

Section 2 | Defining Your Ideal Client

Section 3 | Growing Your Audience

Section 4 | Determining Your Offerings

Section 5 | Streamlining Your Brand

Section 6 | Streamlining Your Process