Business & Marketing Development

Do you feel like running the day-to-day tasks of your business is keeping you from focusing on marketing and growing?

Do you feel unsure and insecure about how to use social  media?

Are you constantly scrambling to come up with content to share?

Do you feel like you're not getting the return you expect from your efforts?

These are not uncommon feelings. Most small businesses sideline their marketing activities for more immediate business needs. But in order to grow your business, you need clear, identifiable goals. You need an actionable plan. You need resources to create great content, share it with the right audience, and connect that audience back to you and your business. And you need someone to hold you accountable, to support you, to guide you. 

With Skondasana, you'll explore your fullest potential through goal setting, brand visioning, marketing development, creative exploration and more. We will set up a program that supports your business and personal goals. Learn more about how we can work together. 


With mobile optimized websites, online stores, digital downloads, eCourses and more. 


Create compelling campaigns that inspire your clients to action. Build brand awareness, connection and revenue.


Discover SMARTtools for harnessing the power of Social Media to engage your target market and increase sales. 


Constantly explore new, exciting offerings for your clients. Keep them curious about what's coming up next.