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6 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Social Media Marketing

Do you feel like your in a social media rut? Your posts aren't getting very much attention and you feel like it has become a chore? I feel this way sometimes, most social media marketers do. Then, I remind myself of the purpose of social media: It's to connect with people and share what is meaningful.

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California Targets Yoga Studios Over Taxes

An important and disturbing development is threatening the yoga community in California.

The California Economic Development Department (the “EDD”) is aggressively targeting yoga studios to determine whether they have properly classified yoga teachers and other workers as independent contractors rather than as employees. The EDD targets industries that are abusing the tax laws, audits and forces re-classification of workers from independent contractors to employees.

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Video Blog: The Steve Gold Experience

Our dear friend and traveling miusican Steve Gold is passing through Sacramento on his 'Community is the New Currency Tour" on September 14th. Join Biffy, Tyler & Annie at Yoga Shala Arden, 2397 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95864. At 10am Annie will lead a vinyasa class with Steve playing live and at 12pm Steve will lead us in another WONDERFUL Voice of Magnificence Workshop. Details at

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Radical Manifestation.

Two years ago I set an intention: I wanted to be self-employed. I wanted to own a business that allowed me to do work that I love, with people I love, and in places that I love. I had this dream for as long as I could remember, but it seemed vague, unstable, and full of uncertainty. When my thirtieth birthday was on the horizon, I decided that it was time to take a leap, and put faith in myself and my community. I set out to manifest my dream life. Now, with success under my belt, I am excited to share the inner workings of my endeavors.

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