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February Freebie - 2019 Planning Worksheets

Well, we are just about halfway through the SECOND month if this year! Time is FLYING by!

This is right about the time when energy starts to wane. Everyone starts the year with BIG, EXCITING ideas and are energized by the creative, brainstorming process. But as soon as it’s time to go from ideas to action—here come the brakes!

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Delia McCabe is a powerful spokeswoman for enhancing mental wellbeing via targeted brain nutrition. She is the author of ‘Feed Your Brain – 7 Steps to a Lighter, Brighter You!’ and the 'Feed Your Brain - The Cookbook.' She had discovered that what you eat affects your brain function directly, and now offers a focused and insightful approach - based on solid science - into how specific foods can improve your mood, concentration, memory and learning ability as well as help you stay calm and happy in our busy, stressful world, regardless of our age.

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CLIENT FEATURE: Digestive Health Cookbook by Wendy Sebastian

Explore Wendy Sebastian’s new digestive health cookbook. Wendy is an experienced nutritionist, raw food chef, personal trainer, and colon hydrotherapist. In her first book, Wendy shares her own lifelong struggles with food and how she managed and overcame these challenges. She also shares her favorite recipes for rebuilding and maintaining a healthy gut!

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