August Intentions

August Intention Setting Yoga Wellness Business.jpeg

I'm not gonna lie. I've been in total vacay mode this last month or so... and I haven't even opened my social media account or looked at my web analytics since the end of June and I really didn’t even feel like putting together content plans to hand off to my assistant. My brain was FRIED from the first half of this year.

A vacation was calling!

⁠⁠It's been a wonderful, much-needed break that included trips to Portugal and Spain, Lake Tahoe, and camping. ⁠⁠While I worked part-time throughout my "vacation", I was mostly focused on my core clients and have not focused at all on my own business. Which I gave myself permission to do until the end of July. Sometimes, you just need a break! And I'm glad I had it!!⁠⁠

August is already heating up with some exciting new projects, the return of a couple of my very first clients, and some revamped services and offerings. ⁠⁠So, my #AugustIntention is to be open to all possibilities, to create more space for work and clients, and to stick to my workout and yoga schedule! Time to get back in the saddle!⁠

What are your August Intentions? Please, share!