Grow Your Instagram Followers - Take the March Instagram Challenge!

One of the most common questions I get is,
How do I organically grow my Instagram followers?

While there are many paths to get to Instagram Influencer status (ya know, when people pay you to promote their products/services/programs), there is one thing you should be doing EVERY SINGLE DAY to build momentum and followers: POST QUALITY CONTENT!

Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. To help you get in the habit of posting, fun, relevant, unique content, I’ve created the MARCH INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE.

Download this calendar for a 31-day guide to posting content that shows your followers WHO you are, WHAT you, and WHY they should connect with you!


  1. Remember to always add hashtags to each and every post (you can add up to 30!). Hashtags are like filters that push your posts into the newsfeeds of people interested in that tag. So, even if someone is not following you specifically, if they are following or searching #YogaEveryDay and you tag your post with that, they will see your post!

  2. Use a social media scheduling tool like to schedule your posts in advance.

  3. Choose quality images. The image is the first impression a viewer will have—make sure it is eye-catching. If you don’t have a quality image to use, check out these free stock photo sites: | |

Instagram Calendar by Skondasana.png