What's your mood?

What’s a mood board? Why should you have one for your marketing?

When was the last time you created a mood board? Maybe never? Mood boards are an amazing design tool that get your creative juices flowing. They are fun, easy, engaging ways to organize your thoughts and feelings about your business and marketing.

On January 1, 2019, I launched a major overhaul of my own brand. Previously, I focused on a sophisticated, clean, black & white style. This year, embracing a bolder, brighter, more out-going strategy, I’ve changed my “mood”.

Mood boards, also known as “inspiration boards,” are a collage of elements used by artists in the early design stages of a creative project. The purpose of the board is to help a person formulate the mood or theme they would like to convey within a project.

  1. Mood boards define your identity

  2. They help establish your design basics and inspire creativity

  3. They make marketing collaboration easier (and more fun!)

Canva.com has a great mood board template to help you get started.

Start Designing Your Mood Board.

Yoga and Wellness Design and Marketing Mood Board 2019.png