What's in Your Brand Guide?

Do you feel that the look of your business on your website, Instagram + beyond is scattered and inconsistent? Are you constantly searching at the last minute for something to share on your social media or to include in your newsletters? Are you using different fonts and colors all the time? Does talking about your brand confuse or frustrate you? 

If yes to any of these, then you probably don't have an updated, cohesive brand guide - a detailed style map that tells the story of your business, who you are, what you offer, and why you do it. 

Every business should have a brand guide, something that they refer to daily when they are making business and marketing decisions.

In this 27-page workbook, we'll break down the steps of defining and designing your own unique brand. Whether you have an existing business that needs some clarification or updates or you have a new business that needs direction, this brand workbook will work for you.

Feel free to work at your own pace, share lessons with friends and staff, and connect with useful resources when you need help. When you complete this workbook you will:

  • Identify your business mission and purpose
  • Have created a professional, clearly defined look and feel
  • Defined your ideal audience and how you communicate with them
  • Created a set of visuals that represent your business

Take a quick peek inside: