10 Ways to BOOST Your Yoga Presence


Marketing your yoga business can be a daunting task, but if you approach it the same way you do your yoga practice, one day at a time, one task at a time, you can grow your business in a matter of months! Here are 10 basic steps to build a strong foundation for your yoga business.

1. Build an AWESOME yoga website

This may seem pretty obvious to most, but having a functioning website that is easy to access and navigate AND is aesthetically pleasing is a MUST.  You don't have to go crazy with a million pages and tons of content. Make sure you have the basics: 

  1. A homepage with YOU, your schedule, your location, special events, and contact info
  2. An 'About' page that tells your style and your story. Include your credentials!
  3. A 'Programs & Services' page. Do you offer private yoga session, corporate sessions, retreats? Make sure you have ALL of your offerings clearly defined.
  4. A 'Contact' page so that people can connect with you
  5. Newsletter sign up - gather contact info from people interested in connecting with you!

Once you have the basics, you can build on it. Add blogs, videos, podcasts, photo galleries, ebook downloads, online courses, and more!

2. Create a Facebook Business Page

Lots of yoga teachers use their personal Facebook page as their yoga business page. What they don't realize is there are amazing tools available only through a business page. 

While Facebook usage is declining and the organic reach of page posts are constantly changing, Facebook is still one of the most powerful tools to help you connect with potential and existing clients. 

3. Create beautiful, branded visuals

There are amazing, FREE design tools that anyone with little to no design experience can use Like canva.com. You can create simple, clean images for any social media platform. Play around with designs to get your look and feel! 

4. Gather content - all the time!

Start snapping pics of your classes, your yoga poses, your travel, your breakfast smoothies, the yoga books you are reading - everything! Have a cache of images and experiences that inspire you and will inspire others! You can use these in your social media marketing. Also, check out sites like pixabay.com, pexels.com, and for royalty-free stock images to supplement your own!

5. Get to know your community

Listen to what your follows have to say. Respond to questions and comments. Keep an eye on which content types generate more buzz. Track analytics and adjust your content to maximize response!

6. Link it all up

Make sure people can find you! Keep your yoga business name consistent across all platforms and make sure they all link together. Always have ways for people to contact you, either you phone or email. And make sure you check the DMs (direct messages) on all of your social media accounts on a regular basis so that you don't miss potential clients!

7. Build an Email List

I cannot emphasize just how important this is. You can use free programs like MailChimp to build your list and send regular emails to clients. Make sure you have ways to collect emails - through your website and through social media. You can actually link Facebook to MailChimp to give clients easy access to sign up!

Offer something of value to clients in exchange for them signing up. It can be a free podcast, video, short yoga sequence - anything that represents YOU and your style!

8. Share from the heart

Share something inspirational and meaningful in every newsletter. Yes, include announcements and sign up options, but don't over-sell to your clients! Approach every announcement from a value perspective: why it is an amazing opportunity, how it will benefit them, what they will gain from it. 

9. Blog, Blog, Blog

Does the idea of writing freak you out? You're not alone! Don't feel like every blog has to be a long, heart-opening novel. Share short inspirational messages, share reflections on yoga classes, make book recommendations, share recipes, and more! Get creative. Start with 1-2 blogs a month and then ramp up as your comfort level grows. 

Approach it as you would tackling a new yoga pose. It will take time to get comfortable, but you have to start somewhere. 

10. Get into audio and video

You don't need fancy equipment. Your phone is perfect! Record short podcasts and videos to share. You can also add these to your BLOG! Some great topics are:

  1. Breaking down a yoga pose
  2. Guided meditation
  3. Reflections on a reading from a book/quote

Look around you for inspiration. Think about the types of content that you respond to. Build your contentt cache and don't be afraid to SHARE!