CLIENT FEATURE: Simply Yoga of Delray Beach

About Simply Yoga of Delray Beach...

Yoga is not just a class, it is a lifestyle. I am Mindy, and want to share a few words with you as my intention is to give the community a safe place to connect with themselves as well as others. Myself and teachers will share with you all what we have learned and continue to learn about removing blocks that allow you to live peacefully and free. Learn, not only the obvious physical practice of Yoga, but also the in depth practice of finding stillness; the true reason we practice Yoga. Practicing challenging physical poses, with a quiet mind, teaches us how to embrace difficult situations, or "poses" in life while keeping peaceful. With us, learn how to be flexible in the body and in the mind. 

We strive to make Yoga accessible to anybody and everyone, no matter the age or ability, we provide classes for everyone.  We promote health and wellness on every level and encourage people to make the connection of Body, Mind, and Spirit - the true meaning of Yoga, Union.