9 Steps to Social Media Success

There are a million ways to connect to new and existing clients through Social Media. It's an amazing tool for discovering and promoting new markets, new products and new services. Here are 9 basics steps to creating a Social Media Strategy that pays off. 

  1. Know Your Target Market. Take time to identify your target market. Figure out how they are using social media and connect with them on their level.
  2. Know & show your brand. Keep the look and feel of all your accounts the same. It doesn't matter if it's your website or your Twitter feed, use the same logo, colors, fonts and images. People should know immediately who they are connecting with. 
  3. Create CREATIVE Content. Take time to create exciting, enticing content that engages your target market and directs them back to the product or service you are highlighting on  your website. 

    TIP: Have a content calendar. Plan your events and promotions and design content that creates a buzz around what your promoting. Download our free marketing templates OR purchase the Expanded 2015 Marketing Planner.
  4. Promote across multiple platforms! Facebook and Twitter are the big ones, but Instagram, G+, LinkedIn, YouTube and many others are gaining market share. Don't miss out on connecting with different users on different platforms. Not all users are engaged the same.
  5. Use more than quotes and pics. Mix up your content. Use quality videos, blogs, info graphics, surveys and testimonials. Be creative!
  6. Get your audience involved & follow up. Social Media is all about connecting and sharing. Make sure you reply to comments, messages, tags, retweets and shares. Engage the people who are engaging with YOU.
  7.  Always follow the 70-30 rule. 70% Fun, creative content and 30% promotion. Social Media is at its most potent when it is reaching people on a human level. Use this as a way to connect with clients and only "sell" them some of the time. 
  8. Watch & Listen. Pay attention to what others in your industry are doing. Follow similar companies, check out what they are posting and how people are engaging. Learn what your target market is interested in and give them that. There is a wealth of information out there - GO GET IT!
  9. Review your work. Look at what's popular and what's not. When are people engaging? What are they responding to? Take notes, make tweaks, fine-tune your work. It's never too late to shift your strategy. 

Love & Light,
Jennifer "Skondasana" Skondin

Jennifer Skondin has 15 years of experience specializing in marketing, communications and PR. In 2008 she discovered yoga and turned her attention and energy to teaching yoga and helping yoga studios and teachers find success through marketing and outreach. She loves to take her work on the road, with computer in tow and clients connected via Skype, she often finds herself working next to the ocean, whether it's the coast of Carmel, CA or the white sand beaches of the Gilies in Indonesia. Learn more.