Mondays are hard

Mondays are always hard for me. Not because I don't want to go to work... being self-employed I'm always "at work"... but because there is always so much "work" ahead of me. I usually feel overwhelmed and don't know where to begin. Over the years, I've come up with a few basic concepts that help me use Monday as a way to get ahead instead of spinning my wheels and falling behind. 

  1. I NEVER schedule meetings on Mondays. Nor do I do conference calls or webinars or any other such commitment. Mondays are for organizing the work week ahead. 
  2. I make a list. I start with a list of all my clients and projects, and then make a broad checklist of the things I know I need to complete for each client. 
  3. I email everyone a little check in note. I send all my clients a list of what I am working for them during the week and ask if they have any additional needs.
  4. I schedule my week! I look at the work I have to do, the calls I need to make, the meetings I need to attend and the webinars I'm participating in. I put it all on the calendar - and I even pencil in some "leisure time" activities (right now it's time on the water for Stand Up Paddle Boarding!).
  5. Then, I go to exercise.

Some Mondays are harder than others, like today. Generally, I work with my clients on annual plans. We have marketing calendars for the whole year planned out. We know what's going on, what needs to get done and by when. 

However, once Fall gets closer, our plans seem to run out. We haven't quite started planning for the new year. When I sat down to work on my plan for the week, I realized there are a bunch of holes in my marketing plans and that means one thing - it's strategic planning time again! 

I loooooove this time of year. Instead of letting the lack of a plan freak me out, I know it's time to reconnect with my clients about our business plans, annual goals and marketing calendars. It's time to update the organization process once again!

If you need some help with your marketing planning, give me a holler, and we can chat about ways to get things kicked into high gear before the new year hits!

Talk to you soon,

Jennifer "Skondasana" Skondin