Marketing Strategies: 4 Questions to Guide Planning

Photo by Peshkova/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Peshkova/iStock / Getty Images

If you are a yoga studio or are in the health and wellness industry, there is no better time to start your marketing plan than in October. Use these 4 questions to guide you through developing a marketing plan. 

1. Who is your target market? 

Identify your ideal client profile. If your a yoga studio or yoga teacher, then women aged 25 - 50, with median income are pretty much your core group. But have you considered a program that attracts men? In recent years broga (men's yoga), has been on the rise and Senior yoga is growing in popularity too. Are these groups on your list?

Identify your target markets. They are all a little different and communicating with them will be different too. 

2. What are your goals?

Knowing what you want to accomplish with your marketing plan is HUGE. So, what do you want your clients to do? Recognize your brand? Attend more classes? Purchase a membership? Sign up for teacher training? Attend a special workshop designed for their demographic?

Identifying the ACTIONS you want your clients to take will become the foundation for your goals.

3. How will you connect with your clients?

Outline all the ways you connect with your clients. Social Media. eNewsletters. Direct Mail. Phone calls. Through your website. Posters. In-person conversations. 

There is no one way to connect. A successful marketing strategy employs multiple messages across multiple channels. 

4. What is your marketing budget?

Identify how much you can spend each month. Think about: Social Media Ads, Google Ad Words, Printed Posters & Cards, and staff/consultants.

Budgets can be flexible and can adjust month-to-month based on your marketing needs. Another helpful tip is to prioritize your spending. Which activities will help you generate the most $$? Focus on them first, build your base, and then expand!

NEXT STEPS: Start building your plan

Now that you have outlined your target markets, your goals, the channels you use, and your budget, you can start writing your plan. It'll be a bunch of mini-plans that look something like this:

Target Market A > Goal A > Channels A + B > Estimated budget amount $

Group: Seniors > Goal: Sign them up for Senior Yoga Workshop + Senior Yoga Membership > How: Connect in person before and after class, send direct mail piece with workshop details, discount and sign up deadline > $100 budget on design, postcards and postage.

Love & Light,
Jennifer "Skondasana" Skondin

Jennifer Skondin has 15 years of experience specializing in marketing, communications and PR. In 2008 she discovered yoga and turned her attention and energy to teaching yoga and helping yoga studios and teachers find success through marketing and outreach. She loves to take her work on the road, with computer in tow and clients connected via Skype, she often finds herself working next to the ocean, whether it's the coast of Carmel, CA or the white sand beaches of the Gilies in Indonesia. Learn more.