The Psychology of Color

Color plays an important role in brand design and marketing. Each color is tied with an emotional, psychological response, so it’s crucial to understand the meaning behind each color, before you commit it to your brand.

Take a look at this color quick-guide to discover which ones align with your brand vision.

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Grow Your Instagram Followers - Take the March Instagram Challenge!

One of the most common questions I get is, “How do I organically grow my Instagram followers?”.

While there are many paths to get to Instagram Influencer status (ya know, when people pay you to promote their products/services/programs), there is one thing you should be doing EVERY SINGLE DAY to build momentum and followers: POST QUALITY CONTENT!

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February Freebie - 2019 Planning Worksheets

Well, we are just about halfway through the SECOND month if this year! Time is FLYING by!

This is right about the time when energy starts to wane. Everyone starts the year with BIG, EXCITING ideas and are energized by the creative, brainstorming process. But as soon as it’s time to go from ideas to action—here come the brakes!

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6 Free Business Tools I Use Everyday

Running a business is a lot of work. There are so many moving parts that at times it becomes overwhelming staying organized is key to growing my business and not losing my sanity in the process!

Here are 6 free tools I use to make my life soooooo much easier!

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Staying Balanced: Time Management for Busy Business Yogis

Running a business is amazingly fun and incredibly exhausting. Each day, there are about a million little things that need to get done to keep your biz running smoothly. After 7 years of running my own businesses, here are a few strategies I live by that help me maintain my sanity.

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Instagram 2019: Rock the Yoga Hashtags!

Instagram is one of the best ways for yoga teachers to connect with current and future students. This highly visual social media platform lends itself well to the physical practice of yoga and provides a platform for yoga teachers to share their own yoga journeys, personal growth, upcoming events and more. But how do you reach your yoga students on Instagram?

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Spirited, intimate, and playful: 2019 Color of the Year!

Everything we need right now: Vibrancy, joyfulness, intimacy, connection, and hope. Pantone’s Color for the Year for 2019 is the warm, energizing, life-affirming Living Coral. What is the Pantone Color of the Year? How is it chosen? What does it mean for design trends for 2019?

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12 Days of Wellness with Debi Robinson

With the holidays upon us, it's easy to neglect our own health and wellness. That's why I designed my '12 Days of Wellness' series. Enjoy guided meditation, healthy recipes, self-care rituals, healthy holiday gift recommendations, and more! It's free to sign up. Just click on the link in my profile for information on joining! Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy holiday season ❄️ With the holidays upon us, it's easy to neglect our own health and wellness. That's why I designed my '12 Days of Wellness' series. Enjoy guided meditation, healthy recipes, self-care rituals, healthy holiday gift recommendations, and more! It's free to sign up. Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy holiday season ❄️ 

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BIG Changes are coming to Google AdWords

If you've logged into your Google AdWords or Analytics account recently, you will have noticed that there are big changes coming. Google is merging many of their advertising features together into one, integrated dashboard and they are rolling out new features to simplify the entire ad management experience. So, yes,  if you are already familiar with Google AdWords you will have to learn a new dashboard/user interface. If you don't have much experience with Google AdWords, now is a great time to start because navigating it will be SO MUCH EASIER.

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What's in Your Brand Guide?

Do you feel that the look of your business on your website, Instagram + beyond is scattered and inconsistent? Are you constantly searching at the last minute for something to share on your social media or to include in your newsletters? Are you using different fonts and colors all the time? Does talking about your brand confuse or frustrate you? 

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What's your mission?

In the midst all that goes into opening a business, it’s likely you’ve skipped one of the most important steps that could make all your hard work more impactful now, and for years to comewriting a mission statement.

What is a mission statement? A mission statement is a short paragraph that describes why your business exists and what it does. It may not sound important, but it is. The reality is, many mission statements are ineffective, hastily written in minutes so that it can be checked off the to-do list.

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5 Tips for Successfully Working From Home

Working from home sounds like a dream-come-true for many of us, but it has some drawbacks. Maintaining a positive work-home-life balance can be challenging at times. Home responsibilities can distract from work. It can be challenging at times to hold yourself accountable to work. However, there are many perks to working from home: no commute, casual dress-code, and make-your-own schedule. 

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Delia McCabe is a powerful spokeswoman for enhancing mental wellbeing via targeted brain nutrition. She is the author of ‘Feed Your Brain – 7 Steps to a Lighter, Brighter You!’ and the 'Feed Your Brain - The Cookbook.' She had discovered that what you eat affects your brain function directly, and now offers a focused and insightful approach - based on solid science - into how specific foods can improve your mood, concentration, memory and learning ability as well as help you stay calm and happy in our busy, stressful world, regardless of our age.

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