Biz Start Up

I’m here to help you create your unique business blueprint:
To monetize your expertise, talent, skills & values
Amplify your influence, attract the perfect clients, and earn what you are worth
All while making a powerful impact and living your true purpose

This is my signature Brand + Biz Coaching Program. Its a one-on-one private program focused on creating your unique business and brand architecture from the ground up.

Business + Brand Development + Logo Design
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Business + Brand Development + Logo Design
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During this intensive program we will work together to create the core structural foundation of your business so:

  • You know exactly what tasks to do daily to grow your business

  • Are 100% clear about what you offer + how much to charge

  • Understand your brand message + can express it easily in words

  • Identify exactly who needs your services + know where to find them

  • Connect what you do with the people that need your help daily

  • Know how to message to your ideal clients so they say YES to your offers

  • Utilize the best methods to implement your vision consistently

  • Create useful systems that make your life easier so you enjoy each day

  • Learn how to sell confidently & effectively without feeling sleazy

Figuring out exactly what sells is an art and I will help you with it.

After TWO EPIC 1.5 hr sessions you will walk away with:

  • At least 3 new income streams

  • Knowing exactly what to sell

  • Names, Titles, & Tagline ideas for your offerings

  • Set the prices + Timeframe

  • Clear understanding of your target audience

  • Sweet Marketing + Sales Strategy for quick results

  • Copywriting ideas + notes for your highly converting sales page, social posts, & content marketing